Myths about Carpet Cleaning

If you have just recently decided to clean your carpet now after a long time, then it’s the time that you update what you really know about it. Making your carpet looking better is the first step to making your entire home looking fantastic.

However, there are some things that you have to get straightened out about carpet cleaning. It’s sad that some companies try to make carpet cleaning myths just to force people to get their services. Some of those myths are the following:

1. Portable carpet cleaning machines are as good as truck mounts.

This is not in any way true. Portable carpet cleaning machines are quite inferior to the truck-mounted steam cleaning machines that professional carpet cleaners use. Additionally, portable types tend to consume a lot of power and water, only to dump dirty water in the toilet.

Keep in mind that the role of heat is very crucial in carpet cleaning. A lot of portables carpet cleaners depend on them too so they try to produce hot water by using 2,000-watt water heaters. That’s actually the same wattage that your blow dryer is using to dry hair.

2. Dry cleaning is better than wet cleaning.

This is another myth that you should really think about. Dry cleaning tends to leave residues because water isn’t used on the carpet to dissolve dirt and grime. To clean carpets using the dry cleaning method, cleaning agents are used instead.

With that fact alone it is quite easy to see that wet cleaning is the better option, more particularly if it the hot water extraction method is used. However, it is also true that a lot of carpet cleaners are not drying the carpet after cleaning it using the hot water extraction method. When this happens, mold will grow and that would cause asthma attacks and allergies, more particularly to children. Even pets will be affected by it. When mold starts to grow in the carpet, it is very difficult to remove.

3. It is okay to use cheap cleaning services.

It is not okay to hire cheap carpet cleaners because they are not likely to provide you with results that are better than decently priced carpet cleaners. Even if it is true that the costliest carpets won’t guarantee you of impeccable results, it’s not really right to generalize cheap carpet cleaners as well. But then again, surveys show that the lowest priced services are very likely to provide poor results.

This is because professional carpet cleaners have to maintain their equipment, train their staff, and drive around the neighborhood to provide services. With that high overhead costs, he is not likely to accept a job that pays a mere ten dollars for every room. They will most likely charge per square feet and may require minimum charges as well.

If you need help with carpet cleaning in Chandler AZ, there are many professionals around you who can assist you and provide you with the best results as well. It all boils down to finding and hiring the right people for the job.