Different Types of Natural Body Butter 

Natural body butter is one of the prevalent skin products nowadays. It’s a nutritious, delicious, and creamy product suitable for your skin. Aside from that, it’s known to be a very versatile product that anyone can have in your beauty stash. 


Body butter is made out of thee extracts from natural plant sources like nuts, beans, and kernels/seeds. This product does not contain water, making it thicker compared to moisturizing lotions and creams. Without water, body butter does not need any added preservatives to keep it from spoiling and getting worse. This can be good news if you are searching for ways to reduce the number of synthetic preservatives consisting in your skincare products. 

The natural body butter’s fatty acid profile provides it a great consistency even under room temperature. However, it melts easily when in contact with the heat of the body. As a result, it provides a wonderfully smooth and soft feel to the skin. 

Different types of body butter 

Various body butter types can benefit various skin types. However, there’s a mixture of body butter that is perfect for most skin concerns and skin types. Though the following list does not apply to all varieties, here are the major skin-saving properties that can be found in most body butter types: 





Essential Fatty Acids 

Many skincare enthusiasts love shea body butter. However, you can actually choose from different body butter variations. Listed below are some of the most typical ones. 

Olive body butter 

Olive body butter is a rich emollient type that provides relief from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Unlike olive oil, this type of body butter’s consistency does not give that greasy feel. Hence, you can bid farewell to distressed and dry skin and embrace the youthful and supple glow of your skin. Also, you may enjoy improved elasticity and nourished skin. 

Cocoa body butter 

This type of body butter is made out of cocoa beans, which is recognized for its tasty smell. The cocoa body butter also brims with fatty acids. Moreover, it can enhance skin elasticity and is very hydrating. 

Mango body butter 

Mango body butter is packed with antioxidants. Hence, it can help improve your skin tone and even lighten scars. The long-lasting emollience of this body butter can nourish the skin-boosting suppleness and elasticity. 

Coconut body butter 

This type of body butter is great for extremely dry skin types since it contains great skin softening properties. Coconut body butter is derived from ground coconut flesh into butter. This butter has antimicrobial and medium-chain fatty acids as well. 

Shea body butter 

Shea butter has a thick consistency and it’s perhaps the most widely used variant of body butter that’s been utilized for many years in the field of skincare. This type of body butter has anti-aging, healing, and inflammatory properties. This great ingredient can be used together with a blend of nourishing oils and mango butter and body butter.